“The Practice of Just-Awareness”

“The Practice of Just-Awareness”

“Just-awareness is essentially an all-inclusive experience that includes and accepts everything that comes into awareness, by resting in awareness itself. It does not focus on any object of concentration, although it does require the stability that comes from the practice of concentration. Most meditation implies or requires a subject and an object. Just-awareness is different than this…” 


Evolution of Religion

Evolution of Religion

Incredible. I’ve been studying this for about 10 minutes so far.

“An End to Arrogant Atheism”

“An End to Arrogant Atheism”

In this article, Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association, cautions the secular community to be attentive to how they individually contribute to the face of atheism and describes how self-identity can be affected by those who don’t speak for the whole community but are often the loudest voices. Arrogance, according to Speckhardt, and specifically in regard to the secular community, “scares away those who would otherwise self-identify as atheists, and it prevents us from building the alliances we need in order to achieve our aims.”

There is a particularly fine line between assertion of personal belief and disrespect to others. While it is important to engage in dialogue with those of different world views, one must do so carefully, and in a way that fosters mutual understanding and respect despite the difference, even because of the difference, and not in a way that comes off as arrogant.

Nobody appreciates arrogance, no matter what the individual believes, and the article is worth a read.

Faculty Profile: Dr. Jacqueline Bussie

Dr. Bussie was my inquiry professor (for the class C.S. Lewis: Faith, Life, and Fiction), the professor of the Faith in Dialogue course I took last spring, the advisor for Better Together, and my orientation club’s faculty advisor. She is one of my favorite professors I’ve ever had, a beautiful human being, and the reason I’m passionate about interfaith work. Dr. Bussie provides so many incredible resources and speakers, She genuinely cares about the lives and goals of each of her students, and I am so honored to know her.

*also, our Faith in Dialogue class is in the video 🙂

“10 of the Greatest Essays on Writing Ever Written”

“10 of the Greatest Essays on Writing Ever Written”

I haven’t had the time to get through all of these yet, but this article was recommended to me by the head of the English department and what I’ve seen so far has been some pretty quality commentary on everything from fairy tales to figure. I’ll probably expand on at least one of the essays in a later post.


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A Celebration of Gratitude

This past Sunday, a group of us from Better Together (Concordia’s chapter of the Inter Faith Youth Core) joined about 40 community members for an interfaith Thanksgiving potluck at Elm Lutheran Church in Fargo. The event was hosted by the Fargo-Moorhead Center for Interfaith Projects, and before we ate, people from the Buddhist, Muslim, Baha’i, Christian, and Jewish faiths spoke about thankfulness in their traditions.Overall, there was just a really wonderful sense of community. I tried so many new cultural foods that I don’t have any names for, but they were delicious! Today, I am thankful to be a part of the interfaith movement and such a wonderful community that’s starting to feel more and more like home all the time.


Better Together members before volunteering to help sandbag on Be Blue Day last year